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Install Termius without snap on Linux

Hello, currently I can only install termius as snap package. Can you please create packages for debian or Linux without snap?
For example, I have Manjaro Linux (Arch linux based) which don't have snap. I have installed snapd package from repository but termius won't load fonts correctly for example and snap not works as expected.

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  • Byron Smith commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I love snaps in general, but the snap version on Ubuntu 19.04 doesn't seem to work well at all. It can't read anything from my ~/.ssh folder, for starters. And I can't use it to connect to my local KVM guests using the network names like "machine.local" but using an IP address does work. I can use a file dialog to import a private key (have to copy it outside of my .ssh folder though to do it) but there is no file dialog to put in a public key (OK, fine, I can use a text editor and copy/paste). But bottom line is, it's more work to use this GUI app than it is the command-line, which defeats the whole purpose of it for me. I'm sure the mobile/premium version is better, as I'm only using the free version. But at this rate, it's not even worth it for me to sign up for a trial. The user interface is kind of confusing/inconvenient, and I can't modify the addresses of any known hosts, just remove them. As a comparison, for SSH use Remmina is much easier to use and more user-friendly, so I suppose I will use that. But I really wanted to like this program. I did get it to work, and it's beautiful, but it's just too much trouble as an app to be worth it for me right now.

  • asdf commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree. I also just tried installing Termius with snap and it doesn't seem to work well at all.. I'd much much prefer to not use it.

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