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Allow for removal of 'Telnet' option

Hi there!

I love Termius, but one thing that always irks me is the "SSH(or Mosh)/Telnet/Cancel" dialog that pops up when starting a connection. I will never use Telnet, but only either SSH or Mosh--it'd be great if the SSH or Telnet dialog only popped up if you have Telnet selected as an option in a sever's configuration screen, eliminating a tap when it's not applicable.


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  • Nick P commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Having seen Thomas’s comment, I wondered if this was a bug that has now been fixed. I have 6 saved connections, and all of them have SSH enabled and Telnet disabled in the connection config.

    All of them currently ask me to choose between Telnet and SSH when I click to connect.

    However, I set up a brand new connection as a test, and this one did not ask me to choose.

    Further, on the iPhone app I have 5 more connections (I haven’t paid for Premium to have them sync yet), and none of these produce that annoying pop-up.

    Having done a bit more testing... it seems that as soon as I add a Host to a Group, I start getting that pop-up. While it’s not in the group it behaves as expected.

    Finally figured it out... Groups themselves can have connection details, including host name and port, and if SSH/Telnet is enabled - presumably this becomes the default setting for all hosts in that group.

    Very simply... removed Telnet from the Group config, and it’s all working nicely!

  • Thomas commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There is no popup if you configure your connection properly - just edit the host and select SSH or Mosh. Mine only asks for the password on connect.

  • Peter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agreed. You already have a flat in the settings to disable Telnet. Can you respect that and not present the intermediate menu?

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