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Desktop launcher has no Exec option

Installed on Ubuntu 17.10; the desktop launcher that's created does not have a line defining the executable, which seems to be /snap/bin/termius-app. The desktop lanucher that seems to be the one exposed to the Unity Desktop is /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/termius-app_termius-app.desktop. I have added the Exec line and this does resolve the issue; so that is the desktop item at issue.

Here's my edited launcher

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Desktop SSH Client

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  • Andre Coelho commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Trying to avoid this behavior but until now there is no other option than launching the app direct from CLI. Termius work as a charm on MacOS, Android an IOS but are really buggy on Linux. Really considering returning to ZOC because the only drawback is the unavailable client for mobile platforms. Really like to see the APP working with full features in all distros and OSes. I think that SNAP packages are on early development stage to be used serious and think that deploying RPM and DEB binaries are the best option for now.

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