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Host address resolution with resolv.conf features...

Add resolv.conf equivalent setting - used to resolve unqualified hostnames. Because OS resolv.conf is not available on all platforms.

e.g. I want to specify a comma/space separated list of domains like:

vpn.mydom.con, local.mydom.con, mydom.con

and set up a host, e.g. amigo

then Termius should try to resolve the following (with short timeout), and use the first one that works:

As I move from network to network, this will result in the closest path to amigo being used.

Pretty please :)

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If you do this, please also allow config of the intersection of domain and port - e.g. is on 22, is on 22 but is on 22123...
    As the resolv.conf should be a Termius wide setting, if user wants custom ports, then you need to generate the intersection of host-and-resolv and then save the non-22-port config against the host.

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