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SFTP to Finder integration in macOS (Darwin)

Currently we have no way to view local files in the side-by-side SFTP panel, and we cannot drag n' drop files from Finder to the SFTP panel(s).

I honestly suggest removing the "two" panels view from SFTP, adding native drag n' drop support, and use a tab view just like SSH instead.

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  • Vicary Archangel commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just downloaded beta and saw a "local" view.

    I really understands the temptation of making only one behaviour across mobile and desktop, but there are fundamental differences in user practises in the native realm, which usually covers about 10% - 20% of the features in a cross-platform app.

    Think of at least one head-bang per user when they first try it.

    1 vote = 1 prayer xx

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