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Termius for iOS and Android provide a variety of features that allow you to be as fast and efficient as when using the desktop Termius app.

See also: Multi-Window Mode on iPad.

Termius keyboard

The keyboard lets you access keys that are not available on regular keyboards, such as directional arrows, modifiers (Ctrl, Alt), function and other keys.


See also:

Terminal Touch

Tap  Group_7.png  to make Termius treat gestures as arrow key strokes:

  • swipe ↑, ↓, ← or → to emulate the ↑, ↓, ← and → keys, respectively;
  • swipe ↑ or ↓ with two fingers to emulate Page Up and Page Down, respectively;
  • swipe ← or → with two fingers to emulate Home and End, respectively.



You can connect to many servers at once and switch between them quickly using tabs.


Note: You can hide tabs automatically. To do so, check Hide tabs in the terminal in Settings.


When you type, Termius makes suggestions based on commands you've used and your snippets.


To disable, tap  mceclip0.png

Note: To prevent a shell history file from being imported, uncheck Import command history / Import .histfile in Settings. Clearing the imported history can be done by logging out.

Password auto-fill

To insert the password for the host (entry) you're connected to, tap  Group.png

This is an effortless way to use sudo – no need to manually copy and paste the password.


Pinch to zoom

Pinch the screen to adjust the size of your terminal.


It can also be done in Settings > Terminal.

Learn more

You can bind the volume up/down and shake actions to keys like backspace, enter, up arrow, etc, remap CapsLock and, on iOS, set a hotkey for F1-F10 keys. Go to Settings, if you're interested.

If you're using an iPhone, check the Quick Guide, which is available in the Help & Feedback section.

Note: On iOS, performing an action using Volume Up may not be possible when the volume is at its max value. Similarly, Volume Down may not have an effect when the value is 0%.

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