Sharing Terminal Sessions Sharing Terminal Sessions

Sharing Terminal Sessions

Maksim Verzakov Maksim Verzakov

Termius introduces a new level of collaboration with terminal session sharing. Now, team members can view real-time terminal activity, jump into active sessions, and share sessions with external users—all without compromising security.

View Active Terminal Sessions

Termius allows team members to see who is currently connected to hosts. This visibility empowers teams to collaborate better and provides a quick way for team members to jump into active sessions when needed.


Share Terminal Sessions with External Users

Sometimes, you need to collaborate with someone outside of your team. Termius makes it easy to share terminal sessions with external users. Simply generate an external link to the session and share it with the user. This feature extends the power of Termius to your broader network.


Choose Your Terminal Sharing Mode

Termius provides flexibility in how you share your terminal session. You can choose between "View only" and "Allow Input" modes.

In "View only" mode, participants can watch the terminal session but cannot input commands. This mode is ideal for demonstrations or when you want to maintain control over the terminal.

In "Allow Input" mode, participants can type directly into the terminal as if they were connected to the server. This mode enables collaborative troubleshooting, pair programming, and other interactive tasks.

Terminal Sharing Security

Terminal sharing doesn’t compromise your security. Unlike Tmate, you don't need to install anything on the server side. Terminal sharing uses a peer-to-peer WebRTC end-to-end encrypted connection, ensuring a secure and efficient session-sharing experience.

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