Supported Protocols Supported Protocols

Supported Protocols

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SSH(Secure Shell) is a protocol for secure remote access. This protocol is highly flexible and could be used in many ways, like command line, file transfer, or port forwarding. Termius has one of the most powerful implementations of the SSH protocol.


SSH protocol_480.gif


SFTP is a protocol for remote file access based on SSH. Termius uses all the settings from the SSH protocol for authentication.

Mosh is an alternative protocol for remote shell access based that can keep connections while moving between networks or in the background. It uses the authentication mechanism of the SSH protocol. In most cases, it requires setting additional packages on the server. Termius has its implementation of the Mosh protocol that is compatible with the official version.

These are the settings that could be adjusted for an SSH connection:

  • Port Number: 22 is used by default

  • Username or Identity

  • Credentials: key, password, certificate, or FIDO2 key

  • SSH agent forwarding

  • Startup command

  • Charset

  • Terminal theme

  • Environment variable

  • Proxy

  • Jump host/Host chaining


Telnet is a simple protocol for remote shell access with basic authentication and no traffic encryption. Some systems are only accessible by this protocol.

Termius Telnet.png

Telnet has the following settings:

  • Port Number: 23 is used by default
  • Username
  • Password
  • Charset
  • Theme

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