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Termius users benefit the most when they use it on multiple devices and sync data via the encrypted vault. Termius is available for all major platforms, such as macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Follow the link to download the apps.

Vault Setup

Creating a vault is a necessary step for starting to use Termius. You will be prompted to do so after downloading Termius on your first device. You can also create a vault by following this link. You should sign in to your vault on the following devices to enable the data sync.

You can learn more about the vault on this page.

Store Encryption Password

Please remember your encryption password or save it in your password manager. If you forget your encryption password, you won’t be able to access your data because this password is used as an encryption key for your data.

If you forget your encryption password, you will have to start with a new encrypted vault attached to your account.

Adding Data about Your Infrastructure

If you were introduced to Termius on mobile and had a significant amount of data, then it is recommended to download the Desktop app for an easier start. The desktop app supports import and syncs with various cloud providers. The data from the desktop app can be securely synced to the mobile app later.

Sync with Your Cloud Provider

Termius supports synchronization with cloud computing platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Digital Ocean. This synchronization only works when the desktop app is online. However, the data is available on all devices via the encrypted vault.


Import from a file is available only in the desktop application:

1. Import the .ssh folder, which supports importing of .ssh/config, known_hosts, and keys
2. Putty, MobaXterm, SecureCRT
3. Other systems via CSV. The CSV template is available to download in the import dialog.

Data Organization

The best thing about using Termius is that you can set up everything once and continuously save effort by connecting with just one click. Read a short article about the main primitives in Termius to organize your data more efficiently.

Getting Started.gif

Adding Team Members

Termius enables engineering and DevOps teams to collaborate by providing a team vault to be used as a single source of truth about the infrastructure. It is also possible to have multiple vaults if you would like to set up different permission for different team members.

Getting Started - adding team members.gif


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