Please provide resellers' cost with a reseller discount

Resellers get a regular price, as it is shown on the website

Also, provide retail pricing

The price for resellers is the same as the retail price.

Is this product sold as a perpetual license or a subscription?

The product is sold as an annual subscription.

Is this product billed once upfront or via recurring billing?

Recurring billing on an annual basis

How is the product delivered? Physical box/CD or download?

An invite will be sent to the team admin once all the paperwork is done. The admin will be able to invite the rest of the team.

Are there any additional costs, such as required maintenance or support?

No, there is no additional costs.

Do you require a contract to be signed?

No, the contract is not required.

Do you require an order form? If so, please provide it with your response.

No, the order form is not required.

Do you have terms and conditions to sign on your website? If so, please send me a link with your response.

No, all the terms and conditions are on the website.

Does your software Auto Renew? If yes, what steps can be taken at the time of order placement to cancel the auto-renewal?

No, our team will initiate the renewal process a few weeks in advance of the end of the subscription. 

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