Importing from CSV Importing from CSV

Importing from CSV

Dmitry Machulo Dmitry Machulo

Termius allows you to import certain data from a CSV file. You can import hosts, including label, IP address / hostname, protocol, and port, as well as the group / subgroup, and tags that are associated with a particular host.

The CSV file you're going to import must be formatted in a specific way.

Note: Import from CSV is currently available in the desktop app only.

Prepare a CSV file

To see what a CSV file that can be imported to Termius looks like, download the file template. To do so, on the Hosts screen, click Add > Import and then click Template next to CSV.


Important: A host's hostname or IP address must always be specified.

Once you have a CSV file that is ready to be imported, proceed as described in the next section.

Import a CSV file

  1. On the Hosts screen, click Add > Import.
  2. Click CSV and select the CSV file.
  3. To select a group, where you want to place the data, click root group.
  4. Click Save and Done.ezgif-5-7dbc6e8f78.gif

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