Importing from PuTTY Importing from PuTTY

Importing from PuTTY

Dmitry Babinsky Dmitry Babinsky

Termius allows you to import saved PuTTY sessions. You can import from a .reg file or the Windows registry. When doing so, you can choose to import the SSH keys associated with particular sessions.

Note: Import from PuTTY is currently available in the desktop app only.

Import from PuTTY

  1. On the Hosts screen, click Add > Import.
  2. Click PuTTY. If you're using Windows and already have some PuTTY sessions saved in the registry, you'll see the data available for import. Otherwise, you'll first be prompted to select a .reg file.
  3. To select a group, where you want to place the data, click root group.
  4. Click Save and Done.ezgif-5-4f17ff0876.gif

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