Importing from MobaXterm Importing from MobaXterm

Importing from MobaXterm

Dmitry Machulo Dmitry Machulo

Termius allows you to import sessions, folders, and SSH tunnels from MobaXterm. You can import from .mobaconf and .mxtsession files. It is possible to import unencrypted, partly encrypted, and fully encrypted data.

Note: Import from MobaXterm is currently available in the desktop app only.

Import from MobaXterm

  1. On the Hosts screen, click Add > Import.
  2. Click MobaXterm and select a .mobaconf or .mxtsession file. If the file contains encrypted data, you'll be asked to provide the passphrase.
  3. To select a group, where you want to place the data, click root group.
  4. Click Save and Done.ezgif-5-0a325eaa64.gif

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  • Kevin

    Why this option is not available for me