Registered users can update their account settings using the account dashboard – and in the app. You can change your email, enable 2FA, sign out remotely, change your encryption password, link your account with GitHub, delete your account, and more.

Note: See Billing to learn about billing management options.

Change email

The email can be changed using the account dashboard and in the app.

Click on your email address at the top of the Account page to change it.


To change your email in the app, see the steps below.

  1. In Preferences, open the Account section.
  2. Click Change email.
  1. At the top of the app's main menu, tap your current email.
  2. Tap Change email.

Enable 2FA

For more security, consider enabling 2FA authentication when logging in with email and master password via TOTP or Authy. You can use any authenticator app supporting TOTP, e.g., Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator.

The second factor won't be asked when authenticating using Apple, Google, or ESSO.


You can enable 2FA in the Account section on or in the Termius app, as described below.

  1. In Preferences, open the Account section.
  2. Turn on Enable 2FA.
  1. At the top of the app's main menu, tap your email.
  2. Tap Two-factor authentication.

Important: Try the call option if you don't receive the SMS when registering with Authy.

View active devices

In the Account section of the account dashboard, you will see devices logged into your Termius account and the last activity date for each. You can remotely sign out from a device if desired.


If you choose to sign out from an offline device, you will be signed out only when it goes online.

Change encryption password

Changing password can be done only in the app because it requires re-encrypting your data, which is not currently possible to do from the website.

  1. In Preferences, open the Account section.
  2. Click Change password
  1. In the app's main menu, tap your email (username).
  2. Tap Change password

Note: If you can't change the encryption password, contact Termius support.

Link with GitHub

Linking your account with GitHub will automatically provide you with a free Team subscription, provided that you have access to GitHub Student Developer Pack or GitHub Teacher Toolbox in your GitHub account.

You can link your Termius and GitHub accounts on the For Students page.

Delete account

To delete your account, click Delete Account at the top of the Account page. Delete account options available for users with Starter, Pro, and Trial plans. If you are using GitHub Student Developer Pack, please unlink your account before deletion on the For Student screen.

If you don't see this option, please, contact Termius support.

Account Recovery

You can recover your account within 30 days after it is scheduled for deletion. Login to Account Management and press Restore account.

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    How can I change my account name from termius to Mohsin Alam?

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