👥 Teams' plan overview 👥 Teams' plan overview

👥 Teams' plan overview

Dmitry Machulo Dmitry Machulo

Termius for Teams was designed with teamwork in mind. This solution supports you and your teammates in daily, effective, and secure collaboration. There are several features that make this possible (see below).

Consolidated billing

Everyone in the team has access to the features available via the Premium subscription. However, only the team's administrator is charged, not every person individually. The creator of the team automatically becomes its admin.

ℹ️ There can be only one administrator in a team.

Data sharing

Accounts with certain roles in the team, which are assigned by the team's administrator (creator), can share hosts and snippets with other team members.

A team member can have one of these roles: Administrator, Editor, Member.

Host sharing

⚠️ Usernames, passwords, keys and identities are never shared.

  • Administrator can make a group(s) of hosts shared and unshare it at any time.
  • Editors can edit/remove entities inside the shared group(s), and add new entities thereby sharing them too.

    ℹ️ Termius for iOS and Android, starting versions 4.9.3 and 5.4.4, respectively, allow team editors to share and unshare groups (like the administrator can).
  • Members cannot share hosts, edit or remove any shared hosts, except they can add credentials.

Snippet Sharing

  • Administrator can share a snippet(s) and edit or remove snippets shared by others.
  • Editors can share a snippet(s), and edit and remove snippets shared by others.
  • Members cannot share, edit or remove shared snippets.

🔢 Advanced end-to-end encryption ensures the security of data sharing.

You can read more about data sharing here.

Team management dashboard

The team administrator has access to the team dashboard where he/she can:

  • Change the team’s name.
  • See the time of team members’ latest activity.
  • Check whether a particular team member enabled 2FA (MFA).
  • Invite and remove team members.
  • Change a teammate’s role (i.e. control team's data sharing).


⚠️ When you remove a team member, you also remove his/her Termius account.

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