Team Plan Overview Team Plan Overview

Team Plan Overview

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The Teams plan allows you to use Termius collaboratively with team members. This will require that you create a team, invite teammates and assign them roles. You and your team members will be able to use the features of the Pro plan, share Termius data, join one another's sessions and take advantage of MultiKey.

Team roles

  • Owner. This role is automatically assigned to the person who creates a team and can be reassigned via a support request. Team owners have the highest level of permissions.
  • Editor. Editors can share and access any shared data, join other people's sessions and use MultiKey.
  • Member. Members cannot share data, but have full or partial access to shared data; can join other people's sessions and use MultiKey.

Note: There cannot be two team owners in a team.

Data sharing

Accounts with the Owner or Editor role can share host groups and snippets with other team members. Advanced end-to-end encryption ensures the security of data sharing.

Group sharing

A group can be shared with or without credentials – depending on the setting one chooses when sharing the group. The chosen setting automatically applies to hosts moved to / created in the group later.


When credentials are shared, those with the Member role have read-only access to the group. A Member cannot see shared passwords or actual keys, but can connect using them. When credentials are not shared, a person with any role can specify / use their own credentials, which will be stored in their personal accounts, but not shared.

Snippet sharing

  • Owner can share, edit and remove a snippet or snippet package.
  • Editor can share, edit and remove a snippet or snippet package.
  • Member cannot share, edit or remove a snippet or snippet package.


Here you can continue reading about data sharing.

Shared sessions

A team member with any role and at any time can see which of their teammates are online, check who's connected to a particular host and join another member's session – for example, to help them complete a task.


To join another person's session, click the person's avatar or initials. Unless the person disabled session sharing, you'll see their past and current activity. You can request input permissions and, if the person approves the request, you and any other collaborator will be able to write and execute commands.


You'll be disconnected from a shared session, when the session is closed by its creator, or when the creator disables session sharing.


MultiKey is a set of features that may help you organize SSH access management in your team.

More information about MultiKey can be found in this article.

Team management dashboard

Team owners have access to the team management dashboard.


Using the team dashboard, a team owner can:

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