Teams' plan overview Teams' plan overview

Teams' plan overview

Dmitry Machulo Dmitry Machulo

Termius for Teams was designed with teamwork in mind. This solution supports you and your teammates in daily, effective and secure collaboration. There are several features that make it possible.

Consolidated billing

Everyone in a team has access to the features available via the Premium subscription, but only the team owner is charged, not every person individually.

Team management dashboard

The team owner has access to the team dashboard where he/she can:

  • invite and remove team members,
  • change a teammate's role.
  • require 2FA for all the team members,
  • see when the team members' were last active,
  • check whether a particular team member enabled 2FA,
  • change the team's name.

Data sharing

Accounts with certain team roles, which are assigned by the team owner, can share hosts and snippets with the other team members.

A team member can have one of these roles: Owner, Editor, Member.

Host sharing

The owner and an editor can make a group of hosts shared, edit, remove and unshare any shared group. When sharing a group, they can choose not to share the credentials used in the group / hosts being shared.

If credentials have been shared, members will have read-only access to the shared data. Otherwise, any role will be able to add his/her own credentials, which will be stored/synchronized within his/her account, but not shared.

Snippet sharing

  • Owner can share a snippet, edit and remove any shared snippet.
  • Editors can share a snippet, edit and remove any shared snippet.
  • Members cannot share, edit or remove shared snippets (but can use them).

🔢 Advanced end-to-end encryption ensures the security of data sharing.

You can continue reading about data sharing here.


MultiKey is a set of features that may help you organize ssh access management in your team.

You can read more about MultiKey here.

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