Using the team management dashboard, a team owner can add and remove team members to / from the team, change a teammate's role and make it mandatory for the team to use multi-factor authentication.

Note: For all features of the dashboard to be available, use a supported browser such as the desktop version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari.

Add a team member

  1. Open the team management dashboard.
  2. In the Email field, provide the email address of the person you're adding and choose a role. A team member's role determines their ability to share, view and modify the team's shared data. (Here's more on that.)
  3. Click Invite. This will send the person you're adding a unique invitation link.

    Note: For some account types, the Copy invitation link button may be shown. This option copies an invitation link that can be given to multiple people to clipboard.

  4. Ask the person you're adding to accept the invitation. That will give them access to Pro features, but not yet to team shared data. Access to shared data is granted separately.

Grant access to shared data

To make it possible for a team member to access the team's shared data:

  1. Make sure the team member accepted your invitation to the team.
  2. On the team member dashboard, next to the member's email, click Grant access.

Note: Another way to grant access to shared data is through the app. When a person accepts an invitation to a team, Termius suggests that you allow them to use shared data.

Change a teammate's role

  1. Open the team management dashboard.
  2. Next to the team member's email, in the Role field, choose a different role.

Note: There cannot be two team owners in a team. To transfer the team ownership, please, contact us.

Require 2FA / MFA for all team members

  1. Open the team management dashboard.
  2. At the top of the screen, enable Require 2FA for all team members. When they open the
    app, they will be asked to enable 2FA to continue using Termius.

Remove a team member

  1. Open the team management dashboard.
  2. Hover over the member you want to exclude from the team and click ✕
  3. If you do not want to delete the member's account, keep Delete their Termius account and associated data unchecked. This will prevent the person from accessing shared data, but not delete the account.

Important: Removing a member doesn't affect the number of seats in your subscription plan. If you need fewer seats to reduce the subscription cost, please, contact the support team.

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