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Anton Karpov Anton Karpov

9.0.0 - 2024/07/11

  • Added horizontal tabs to simplify navigation between Vault, SFTP, and connections.
  • Consolidated all data under the Vaults tab, including Keychain and Known Hosts, which has been moved from settings.
  • Introducing the command palette feature. Hit CTRL+K (Linux/Windows) or CMD+K (Mac) to access all your tabs and hosts in one place.
    • Quickly jump between tabs with CTRL+J or CMD+J.
    • Start a new connection with CTRL+T or CMD+T.
  • Three new terminal themes were introduced: Night Owl, Light Owl, Aura
  • 🛠️ Fixed minimize/maximize buttons on Windows

8.12.9 - 2024/06/20

  • 🛠️ Fixed connections to the ZTE equipment
  • 🛠️ Stability improvements

8.12.7 - 2024/06/12

  • Three new terminal themes were introduced: Rosé Pine, Rosé Pine Moon, Rosé Pine Dawn
  • 🛠️ Improved stability of terminal sharing
  • 🛠️ Other stability improvements

8.12.6 - 2024/05/23

  • 🛠️ Stability improvements

8.12.4 - 2024/05/17

  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug when the focus was not set in the terminal when un-minimizing the app.
  • 🛠️ Other UI and stability improvements.

8.12.3 - 2024/05/15

  • Added the ability to select and copy the instructions during keyboard-interactive authentication.

8.12.2 - 2024/05/07

  • 🛠️ Fixed SSH connections with 2FA

8.12.1 - 2024/05/06

  • Three new terminal themes were introduced: Cobalt2, Octocat Dark, Octocat Light
  • Added support for diffie-hellman-group16-sha512 and diffie-hellman-group18-sha512 key exchange methods
  • Added support for and host key types
  • 🛠️ Fixed SSH connections with SSH certificates for RSA keys
  • 🛠️ Stability improvements

8.12.0 - 2024/05/03

  • Three new terminal themes were introduced: Cobalt2, Octocat Dark, Octocat Light
  • Stability improvements

8.11.2 - 2024/04/30

  • ✨ Stability improvements

8.11.0 - 2024/04/10

  • Added support for biometric keys on Windows based on the Windows Hello APIs.
  • Four new terminal themes were introduced: Ayu Dark, Ayu Light, Cyberpunk, and Cyberpunk Scarlet.
  • Enhanced terminal autocomplete stability.
  • Other stability and UI improvements.

8.10.4 - 2024/03/28

  • Generate Snippets and convert text to command with AI for free. In Settings > Terminal, enable Autocomplete to use AI without switching context. Available for all users with an account.
  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug with AWS sync when EC2 instance names were not updated after being changed on the AWS side.
  • Other stability and UI improvements.

8.10.2 - 2024/03/20

  • ✨ Stability improvements

8.10.0 - 2024/03/09

  • ✨Three new terminal themes were introduced: Romania Night, Romania Day, and Aubergine
  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug when hardware keys were not linked to hosts automatically during the connection flow
  • Other stability and UI improvements

8.9.9 - 2024/02/28

  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug with inconsistent ordering for history if connections were started in bulk from a group
  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug when you couldn't delete a tag with a long name
  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug with proxy settings editing
  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug when the focus was not set automatically when you closed one of the panes in the split view
  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug when the focus was not set when drag'n'drop a terminal into a split view
  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug in SFTP when the app could hang if you drag the file into a removed directory
  • 🛠️ Fixed the bugs in the dialogs presented on the SFTP screen
  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug with item selection on the Port Forwarding screen
  • ✨ Improved performance when handling multiple entities at once
  • Other stability improvements

8.9.7 - 2024/02/09

  • ✨ Three new terminal themes were introduced: Peach Fresh, 1984 Dark, and 1984 Light
  • ✨ Improved how the multiline package names are presented in the side panel
  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug with maximizing/minimizing by double-clicking the top bar
  • Other stability improvements

8.9.6 - 2024/01/24

  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug when, in some cases, viewers couldn't join the shared terminal session

  • Other stability improvements

8.9.4 - 2024/01/15

  • 🛠️Stability Improvements.

8.9.4 - 2024/01/11

  • 🛠️Stability Improvements.

8.9.1 - 2023/12/27

  • 🛠️ Fixed snippet search in the side panel in the terminal
  • 🛠️ Other minor UI improvements

8.9.0 - 2023/12/15

  • ✨ Introduced four new terminal themes: Winter Night, Winter Day, Tokyo Night, and Tokyo Day
  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug when using port forwarding with biometric keys
  • 🛠️ Other minor UI improvements

8.8.3 - 2023/12/11

  • 🛠️Stability Improvements.

8.8.2 - 2023/12/04

  • ✨ New side panel in the terminal: the appearance of the side panel now reflects your selected terminal color theme. Open the side panel via Cmd+S on macOS and Ctrl+S on Windows/Linux to execute snippets, browse your history commands, or change terminal appearance.
  • ✨ Added a Productivity tab in the terminal side panel so now you can share your terminal session and change autocomplete settings from there.
  • 🛠️ Stability improvements.

8.7.3 - 2023/12/02

  • 🛠️Stability Improvements.

8.7.2 - 2023/11/30

  • ✨ Autocomplete now suggests correct paths after the terminal buffer is cleared.
  • 🛠️ Fixed path suggestion in autocomplete for the home directory.
  • 🛠️ Fixed path suggestions for folders with spaces.

8.6.1 - 2023/11/19

  • 🛠️Stability Improvements.

8.6.0 - 2023/11/14

  • ✨ Introduced four new terminal themes: Catppuccin Latte, Catppuccin Mocha, Diwali, Movember

  • ✨ Autocomplete's path suggestions are now case-insensitive.

  • ✨ Folders starting with a dot are now suggested in autocomplete without needing to type the dot.

  • ✨ Autocomplete's history suggestion has an improved ranking system.

  • ✨ Autocomplete now suggests history commands for completion when a match is found anywhere within the command.

  • ✨ Added ability to change vault while creating a PF rule via the PF Wizard

  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug when identity wasn't shown in the Host Edit form after being selected from the password field

    You can enable autocomplete in Settings → Terminal → Autocomplete (Beta)

8.5.2 - 2023/11/07

  • 🛠️ Fixed an issue with the re-login screen displayed for users without an account

8.5.0, 8.5.1 - 2023/11/03

  • ✨ Added navigation in autocomplete via the Tab button. To supercharge your terminal experience, enable Autocomplete (beta) in Settings → Terminal.

  • ✨  Updated visual style of context menus.

  • ✨  Enhanced the host and group edit screens.

8.4.0 - 2023/10/12

  • ✨ New features for Snippets that you've been asking for:

    • Now you can run your snippets on multiple hosts at the same time and can quickly check the results of its execution.

    • For cases when you run particular snippets on the same hosts, you can now select default targets for faster execution.

  • ✨ New terminal terminal themes: Atom One Dark, Atom One Light, Dia De Muertos, and Halloween

  • 🛠️ Fixed a rare issue when running a snippet from the right side panel on particular versions of PowerShell and the first character gets removed

  • 🛠️ Other stability improvements

8.2.0 - 2023/09/18

  • ✨ Introduced six new terminal themes: Gruvbox Dark, Gruvbox Light, Material Dark, Material Light, Manhattan, and Plastic World

8.1.1-2 - 2023/09/07

  • 🛠️ Fixed an issue: snippets packages haven't been displayed on the "Add a package" field when creating/editing a snippet.
  • ✨ Added support for the codepage 850 charset

8.1.1-2 - 2023/09/07

  • 🛠️ Fixed an issue: snippets packages haven't been displayed on the "Add a package" field when creating/editing a snippet.
  • ✨ Added support for the codepage 850 charset

8.1.0 - 2023/08/30

  • 🖥️ Added the auto-reconnect for SSH sessions.
  • 🛠️ Stability and performance improvements.

8.0.5 - 2023/08/16

  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug in autocomplete in PowerShell when the text was not correctly erased in some cases

8.0.3-4 - 2023/08/04

  • 🛠️ Terminal color schemes improvements
  • 🛠️ Fixed bugs in the Port Forwarding wizard
  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug with shell type checking

  • 🛠️ Other stability improvements

8.0.2 - 2023/07/18

  • 🛠️ Fixed a bug when the app demanded to log in multiple times after a password change
  • 🛠️ Fixed an issue with the app freezing when scrolling a team members list

8.0.1 - 2023/07/07

  • 🛠️ Fixed files and directory suggestions for commands used with sudo.
  • 🛠️ Fixed an issue with the autocomplete enabling script being executed again when adding a session to a split view.

8.0.0 - 2023/06/22

  • ✨ Team Vault: a new way to share data with the team.
    • Now, in addition to host groups and snippets sharing, your team can share keys, identities, port forwarding rules, and known hosts. Working in a team is now much easier, thanks to Vaults.
  • ✨ Added ability to edit the Credentials Sharing mode for Hosts and Groups.

7.59.9 - 2023/06/16

  • 🐞🛠️ Fixed a bug experienced by some users when the app gets blank when using SSH or SFTP.

7.59.7 - 2023/06/12

  • 🐞🛠️ Fixed the order of execution of snippet commands in Power Shell.
  • 🐞🛠️ Fixed a bug when the 1st line was not visible in autocomplete dialog for users on a free account.

7.59.5 - 2023/05/31

  • 🤖 Generate shell script from a description using the power of AI in a terminal.
  • ✨ Added autocomplete for paths and history commands in the local terminal.
  • ✨ Added import of the known hosts from the ~/.ssh/known_hosts file.
  • ✨ Added ability to convert a known host into the Host in Termius.
  • ✨ Setting the UTF-8 locale for the local terminal by default.
  • 🐞🛠️ Fixed missing Enter and Tab key presses in the Terminal when autocomplete is on.
  • 🐞🛠️ Fixed execution of multi-line snippets in PowerShell.
  • 🐞🛠️ Fixed the issues with tmux shortcuts.
  • 🐞🛠️ Fixed symlinks opening in SFTP.
  • 🐞🛠️ Fixed some issues with Port Forwarding connectivity.

7.59.2 - 2023/05/18

  • Fixed screen clearing handling when the broadcast mode is enabled in Split View.
  • Improved the process of establishing a connection to servers that don't support 'exec' channels.

7.59.0-1 - 2023/05/12

  • We enhanced the Broadcast Input feature. Now you can send hotkeys and escape sequences to all Split View panes.
  • Added the ability to choose the authentication method during the connection process if you forgot to specify one in advance. Previously, in such a case, you were limited by password authentication only.

7.58.7 - 2023/04/28

  • Resolved an issue that could have led to unexpected host authentication failures in certain scenarios.

7.58.6 - 2023/04/26

  • Fixed a rare issue when connections to particular servers with ed22519 and ECDSA host keys didn't work.
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect port while connecting via telnet on the connection flow screen.

7.58.5 - 2023/04/17

  • Stability improvements.

7.58.4 - 2023/04/10

  • Stability improvements.

7.58.3 - 2023/03/28

  • Fixed a change of terminal themes when switching between autocomplete suggestions.

7.58.2 - 2023/03/24

  • Fixed a change of terminal themes when switching between autocomplete suggestions.

7.58.0, 7.58.1 - 2023/03/23

  • Change the appearance of your terminal without leaving it. Open a side panel with Cmd+S on Mac or Ctrl+S on PC, and select colors and fonts that work best for you.
  • Autocomplete of your paths and directories is now available in the dash, fish, and tcsh shells.
  • Other stability improvements.

7.57.0 - 2023/03/17

  • Create Snippets with Termius' assistance. Describe what the command should do, and Termius will make a Snippet for it 🚀
  • Also, we improved sorting by name and fixed a few minor UI issues.

7.56.4 - 2023/02/28

  • Fixed compatibility issue with macOS 10.15 and Ubuntu 18.04 when starting the app 🔧 
  • Improved password autocompletion UX.

7.56.3 - 2023/02/24

  • PowerShell is now a default shell on Windows.
  • Added password manager to terminal autocomplete.

7.56.0 - 2023/02/01

  • Redesigned terminal autocomplete to be more user-friendly and visually appealing. Autocomplete suggestions now appear faster than before, allowing you to navigate and execute commands more efficiently.
  • Fixed issues with the import of some SSH keys.
  • Fixed issue with unsuccessful connections to hosts from History.
  • Fixed the bug with copy/paste shortcuts not working when connecting to a group or to several hosts.
  • Other fixes and performance improvements.

7.55.2 - 2023/01/13

  • Fixed issues when users saw a black screen in the app.
  • Fixed a bug when session logs were not available for new connections.

7.54.3 - 2022/12/23

  • Fixed autoupdate on Windows.

7.54.2 - 2022/12/22

  • Fixed the bug when Autocomplete for file paths couldn't be enabled.

7.54.1 - 2022/12/19

  • Sync with Microsoft Azure. Now it's possible to automatically sync details of your virtual machines from Azure to Termius and organize them into subgroups.

  • Added autocomplete for command options and arguments in the terminal.

  • Added autocomplete for Shell History.

  • Added the possibility to easily save commands from Shell History into snippets.

  • Extended the emoji support in the terminal. Fixed several zshell prompts.

7.53.0 - 2022/12/09

  • Fixed issues when SSH connections with keys could not start

7.52.1 - 2022/11/29

  • Improved autocomplete for directories.
  • Added History sync.
  • Fixed the bug when the start of the app was long for some users.

7.52.0 - 2022/11/22

  • Shared connections in teams. Now you can see who's connected to which shared servers and join their terminal sessions to do your job collaboratively.
  • Fix the ability to edit host details after a connection to a host fails.
  • Fixed the bug with host creation when trying to export a key to the server.

7.51.1 - 2022/11/10

  • An improved billing page.

7.51.0 - 2022/11/03

  • Fixed incorrect handling of mouse events in the terminal.
  • Fixed issues with keyboard-interactive prompts.

7.50.1 - 2022/10/25

  • Made keyword highlighting enabled by default.
  • Fixed the display of keyboard-interactive prompts during the SSH connection process.
  • Fixed an issue potentially causing the desktop app to be out of sync with the mobile apps.

7.50.0 - 2022/10/24

  • Added highlighting for Error, Warning, Info, and other keywords in the terminal. The list of keywords that will be highlighted can be found in Preferences > Terminal.
  • Added password autocompletion in the terminal.

7.49.0 - 2022/10/03

  • Ability to have up to 16 sessions in Split View.
  • Ability to resize a Split View pane.
  • Improved SFTP read and write performance.
  • Identities autocomplete in the Username and Password fields. It is now easy to find the right identity and create one based on the credentials from other hosts
  • Minor UI/UX improvements.

7.48.0 - 2022/09/12

  • Made it possible to rearrange panes in Split View.
  • Fixed an issue with scrolling on Linux.
  • Fixed the inability to create a snippet using the snippet picker panel.

7.47.3 - 2022/08/31

  • Fixed issues with the List view.

7.47.2 - 2022/08/31

  • Provided some visual improvements.
  • Fixed the inability to create file type associations using the 'Open with' option.

7.47.1 - 2022/08/29

  • Fixed the import functionality.

7.47.0 - 2022/08/26

  • Custom layouts in Split View: a pane can now be split vertically or horizontally.
  • Ability to move a session in Split View back to a separate tab.
  • Suggestions for directories in Autocomplete.
  • Better performance of the terminal in SSH sessions.
  • A fix for the issue with FIDO2 keys in hostchains.
  • Several more bugfixes and improved stability.

7.46.4 - 2022/08/17

  • Cloud sync improvements: ability to organize hosts synced with AWS and DigitalOcean into subgroups.
  • Fixed an issue causing usernames / passwords to be saved despite the 'Save to host' option being disabled.
  • Fixed inability to restore an App Store subscription.
  • Other minor bugfixes

7.46.2 - 2022/08/02

  • SSH certificates. Now a Pro user can attach an OpenSSH certificate to a key and use it for authentication.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for switching between panes in split view and focusing on the multi-exec field. To see or change the available shortcuts, go to Preferences > Shortcuts.
  • Improved the performance of the terminal when one has a large number of snippets.
  • Improved the stability of synchronization and the app as a whole.
  • Optimized the performance of the local terminal (unavailable in the App Store version of Termius).
  • Fixed duplication of tags.
  • Fixed host chain connections to servers that use public-key authentication only and have no ssh key provided.

7.45.3 - 2022/07/21

  • Fixed inability to connect via a double-click.

7.45.2 - 2022/07/20

  • Stability improvements.

7.45.1 - 2022/07/18

  • Added the ability to execute a command or snippet in all terminals in a split view.
  • Added the ability to open Termius in a new window.
  • Provided various UX/UI improvements.
  • Fixed issues with connecting to Mikrotik devices through SFTP.

7.44.0 - 2022/07/04

  • Snippets and SFTP are no longer paid features.
  • A new option in the host context menu allowing you to copy and share an ssh link.
  • Ability to generate security keys (ed25519-sk, ecdsa-sk).
  • Ability to import discoverable (aka resident) SSH keys from FIDO2 devices.
  • Performance improvements to SFTP concerning file transfer from local to remote hosts.
  • Double click on a history item connects you to the host.
  • Fixed the inability to re-connect and a few other issues.

7.43.3 - 2022/06/27

7.42.2 - 2022/06/21

  • Fixed incorrectly displayed value of the subscription price.

7.42.1 - 2022/06/15

  • Fixed connections with parameters set in a group.

7.42.0 - 2022/06/13

  • Fixed the Autocomplete functionality behaving incorrectly in local and SSH connections with PowerShell.
  • Stability and performance improvements

7.41.3 - 2022/05/31

  • Fixed a sync issue caused by the import functionality.

7.41.2 - 2022/05/23

  • Snippet Packages allows organizing snippets into one-level groups to put the same type of snippets in one place and simplify snippet management in general.
  • It's easier now to create port forwarding rules.
  • Added support for discoverable (resident) ecdsa-sk and ed25519-sk keys.
  • Fixed bugs with ecdsa-sk, and ed25519-sk keys in macOS App Store build.

7.40.2 - 2022/05/04

  • Fixed an issue causing a blank screen on start.

7.40.1 - 2022/05/02

  • Automatic detection of server OSes allowing Termius to show their logos instead of generic icons.
  • ed25519-sk and ecdsa-sk keys are working without admin permissions on Windows.
  • The DigitalOcean integration imports a droplet's public IP address if it exists, or otherwise a private one.
  • Fixed sorting by name.
  • Fixed an issue causing the terminal to have incorrect size in Telnet sessions.
  • Renamed the subscription plans.

7.39.0 - 2022/04/19

  • Ability to execute a snippet in all active sessions.

7.38.2 - 2022/04/11

  • Sync with AWS and DigitalOcean clouds. Automatic sync of changes in your infrastructure at AWS or DigitalOcean to Termius will save you from the nightmare of updating data every time your system scales up/down.
  • Added the ability to manually switch between the app's color schemes.
  • Added the ability to switch terminal emulation types in Preferences.
  • Updated color palettes in some of the terminal themes.
  • Fixed an issue causing the terminal to have incorrect size in Telnet sessions.
  • Fixed inability to use port forwarding with host chaining.
  • Fixed an issue with the input mode in terminal session sharing.
  • Stability and performance improvements.

7.37.2 - 2022/04/04

  • Fixed an issue with CSV import.

7.37.1 - 2022/03/30

  • Fixed an issue with CSV import.

7.37.0 - 2022/03/29

  • Host chaining setting in groups for easier management of infrastructure involving advanced security. It's now possible to specify a host chain consisting of jump or bastion host servers for many hosts at once – by specifying it in the group containing the hosts.
  • Ability to generate a biometric key based on the Secure Enclave and use it for SSH authentication. The function is available for MacOS and can be found on the Keychain screen.
  • Ability to import from CSV and MobaXterm.
  • Performance improvements concerning scrolling in the terminal.

7.36.1 - 2022/03/25

  • Stability improvements.

7.36.0 - 2022/03/23

  • Added the ability to record and view session logs.
  • Fixed import of hosts from ssh config without Hostname parameter.
  • Added a convenient way to export SSH public key to a host.
  • Added support for non-resident SK keys.

7.35.7 - 2022/03/17

  • Fixed the placement of the Autocomplete and 'Share session' options.
  • Fixed a screen flickering issue occurring on registration.

7.35.6 - 2022/03/11

  • Fixed problems with closing the application.

7.35.5 - 2022/03/10

  • Fixed an issue preventing the app from a restart after an update has been downloaded.
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash report to appear when the app is started.

7.35.4 - 2022/03/09

  • Autocomplete for snippets.
  • New terminal color schemes: Dracula, Nord Light, Nord Dark, Monokai.
  • New fonts: Meslo Nerd Font, JetBrains Mono Nerd Font, Fira Code Nerd Font and Cascadia Code.
  • Fixed an incorrect order of running snippets on Windows.
  • Security improvements and more bugfixes.

7.34.0 - 2022/02/21

  • Stability improvements.

7.33.1 - 2022/02/08

  • Now team editors can share and unshare groups (like team owners can), remove any shared groups.
  • When sharing data, teams can choose to share credentials or not to share credentials, or to share access using MultiKey.

7.32.0 - 2022/01/13

  • Made it possible to use an empty password during SSH authentication.
  • Stability improvements.

7.28.0 - 2021/12/13

  • Made it possible to generate ED25519, ECDSA and RSA keys (on the Keychain screen).
  • Brought back the SFTP path input field.
  • Fixed issues with adding tags.

7.27.0 - 2021/11/29

  • Added an option to open file for SFTP with download/upload.
  • Added autosave indicators to the edit forms.
  • Fixed snippet execution on hosts running Windows.
  • Termius for Teams: fixed multiple group sharing confirmation.
  • Some UI improvements and UI-related bugfixes.

7.26.0 - 2021/11/15

  • Added support for TOTP as a second authentication factor.
  • Other stability and security improvements.

7.25.0 - 2021/11/08

  • Live terminal is now available for all authenticated users.
  • Added import from PuTTY.
  • Other stability and security improvements.

7.24.1 - 2021/11/02

  • Live terminal sessions - ability to share a session with other Termius users.
  • The '+ New' / edit forms have been reworked and now save changes automatically.

7.23.2 - 2021/10/20

  • Added Single Sign-On via Apple ID and Google Account.
  • Added support for the new format of PuTTY keys (PPK3).
  • Added verbose connection logs to troubleshoot connection errors.

7.22.1 - 2021/10/12

  • Improved import from SecureCRT - made it possible to import keys, passwords, and port forwarding rules.
  • Other stability and security improvements.

7.21.1 - 2021/09/21

  • Made it possible to import groups and snippets from SecureCRT.
  • Added team presence indicators.

7.20.1 - 2021/09/09

  • Made it possible to add hosts to groups using drag and drop.
  • Provided team owners with an option to require 2FA on their teams’ accounts.

7.19.2 - 2021/08/30

  • Fixed a flow leading to creation of undeletable group.

7.19.1 - 2021/08/23

  • Added MultiKey – a secure way of sharing access to your team’s servers.
  • Made it possible to reorder terminal tabs.

7.18.3 - 2021/08/11

  • Host import is now free for all users.
  • Minor improvements in the user interface.

7.17.1 - 2021/07/26

  • Added the ability to connect to the selected group and host by the 'Enter' key.
  • Fixed the issue with the application freeze when the SFTP connection is terminated.
  • Improved the stability and usability of the application.

7.16.0 - 2021/07/10


  • Multiselection for the Hosts, Port Forwarding, Snippets, Known Hosts, and Keychain screens.
  • Reconnection prompt for disconnected SFTP sessions.


  • Issue with accessing folders with names starting with '#' on Windows.

7.15.1 - 2021/06/28


  • Syncing of the application’s theme with that of the operating system.


  • Improved UX of the login form.

7.14.0 - 2021/06/25


  • Snippet sharing. Now team owners and editors can share their snippets with the whole team.
  • Option to establish connections to all hosts in a group with just one click.


  • Removed support for the previous rendering terminal engine (HTERM).
  • Reinstated the snippet picker feature in Terminal’s single, double, and right-click actions.

7.13.0 - 2021/06/14


  • Improved the stability of the application.

7.12.0 - 2021/05/31


  • Added support for rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 signature algorithms.

7.11.1 - 2021/05/17


  • Issues with mouse copy-pasting for macOS.

7.10.2 - 2021/05/04


  • Double paste issue in the terminal.

7.10.1 - 2021/05/03


  • Enabled customization of terminal copy/paste shortcuts.

7.9.0 - 2021/04/19


  • Pop-up allowing one to easily reconnect to a disconnected session.


  • Removed Snippets resize bar for easier interaction with the terminal's scroll bar.

7.8.0 - 2021/04/05


  • Improved stability.

7.7.1 - 2021/03/23


  • Displaying of account's expiration date.

7.6.0 - 2021/03/08


  • Issue slowing down the startup performance for premium users.

7.5.4 - 2021/02/22


  • Minor improvements and preparations for upcoming changes.

7.5.3 - 2021/02/19


  • Losing host credentials for some users when an old version of the app is updated.
  • Opening local files in SFTP.

7.5.2 - 2021/02/09


  • A new way to share feedback with the Termius team, right from the app.


  • Stop at the 'Checking Setup' step during migration to the new crypto.
  • Handling of the Enter key during the Termius for Teams Trial creation flow.

7.4.1 - 2021/01/26


  • Support for Apple Silicon hardware.


  • Password changes with enabled 2FA.
  • App freezes when a large directory is removed via SFTP.

7.3.2 - 2020/12/28


  • Team members can save their own credentials for shared hosts and groups.
  • A new Editor role for teams: editors can add, edit, and delete hosts inside shared groups.

7.2.1 - 2020/12/02


  • New Termius icon on Mac OS.


  • Update of a user's profile after the purchase.

7.1.0 - 2020/11/17


  • windows- charsets.


  • The default shortcut for closing tab is Ctrl + Shift + W (Windows, Linux).

7.0.1 - 2020/10/23


  • Option to re-connect in the tab context menu.

7.0.0 - 2020/10/20


  • Tiles layout.

6.5.1 - 2020/09/17


  • Stability improvements.

6.4.1 - 2020/08/20


  • Stability improvements.

6.3.0 - 2020/07/30


  • Stability improvements.

6.2.2 - 2020/07/21


  • Improved terminal stability.


  • Hosts import to shared groups.
  • Cursor position reset in the terminal search.
  • Labels for new terminal labels in the system menu.
  • Impossibility to connect through SFTP if the username is not set.

6.1.1 - 2020/06/25


  • Stability improvements.

6.0.0 - 2020/06/16


  • Stability improvements.

5.13.0 - 2020/06/03

Added / changed:

  • Better security when you change the 2FA settings.

5.12.0 - 2020/05/28

Added / changed:

  • Stability improvements.

5.10.1 - 2020/04/29


  • Termius for Teams: ability to share host chains.


  • Import of files containing keys.
  • Issue with activation of the subscription.

5.9.2 - 2020/04/14


  • Color schemes in new windows.
  • Mouse events in the terminal.
  • Tab hints in the compact mode.

5.7.2 - 2020/03/30


  • Snippets in new windows.


  • Problem maximizing window with a double click.

5.6.1 - 2020/03/16


  • Ability to search in the terminal.
  • GitHub Teachers Toolbox support.

5.4.1 - 2020/01/30


  • Import from SecureCRT.
  • Close terminal button.

5.3.2 - 2020/01/13


  • Reduced RAM usage.

5.2.3 - 2019/12/23


  • Improved selection text colour for all terminal themes.
  • Tab titles displayed when hovered over.
  • Improved selection text colour for all terminal themes.


  • Active tab selection after a tab is closed via the context menu.

5.1.1 - 2019/12/11


  • Better resizing when the Snippets panel is open.
  • Improved stability.

5.0.6 - 2019/11/25

Added / changed:

  • Group sharing.
  • Updated look of the Preferences screen.
  • 'Use Option As Meta key' enabled by default.
  • Improved performance and stability.


  • Drag-and-drop on the SFTP screen.
  • Drag-and-drop into the terminal.
  • The process of merging directories via SFTP.

4.9.21 - 2019/10/09


  • Blinking scroll bars.

4.9.18 - 2019/09/26


  • Performance issues.

4.9.7 - 2019/08/07

Added / changed:

  • Keyboard shortcut for closing terminal tabs.
  • Copy option in the Snippets (terminal) panel.
  • Synchronisation improvements.


  • Lost focus in keyboard-interactive dialogs.

4.9.2 - 2019/07/15

Added / changed:

  • Handling of host key changes.


  • Preferred host sorting resets after the app restarts.
  • Inability to start Port Forwarding for a host with a host chain.

4.7.2 - 2019/06/10

Added / changed:

  • Improved performance of the Hosts screen.
  • Ability to open the terminal in a new window.
  • Synchronisation of known hosts.
  • Ability to edit and remove tags.
  • Drag-and-drop of files into the terminal.
  • Order of items in SFTP panels is now saved.


  • Zooming in the terminal. (Font size increasing to the maximum once you press the hotkey.)
  • Handling of symbolic links in SFTP.

4.5.0 - 2019/04/29

Added / changed:

  • Charset support.
  • Import from ~/.ssh/config.
  • Terminal zoom.
  • Increased terminal scroll-back buffer size.
  • Drag and drop from Finder to SFTP.
  • Drag and drop between SFTP panels.
  • Shortcut to open the local terminal.

4.2.7 - 2019/03/15


  • Local terminal.
  • A better terminal rendering engine.
  • SSH key file import.

4.1.2 - 2019/02/18


  • (MacOS) Black screen when the app is closed from the full-screen mode.
  • Terminal snippets expanding when you left-click.
  • Fingerprints dialog.

4.0.2 - 2019/01/18


  • Problem with selecting a host for a port forwarding rule.

3.5.0 (2) - 2018/12/20


  • Termius for Teams.
  • Host chaining (suppor for jump hosts).
  • Labels for port forwarding rules.

3.3.5 - 2018/11/30


  • Agent forwarding cacan be configured for a host.
  • Proxy support.

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  • Nicky Hendriks

    Is there a way of doing feature requests?

    Nicky Hendriks
  • Dmitry Machulo

    Hi Nicky, please, have a look at

    Dmitry Machulo
  • kurtschlatzer

    The latest update seems to have broken alphabetical sorting for hosts and snippets.

  • Brandon T Ray

    How do we start/use the split view?  I do not see the documentation or anything in the menus.

    Brandon T Ray
  • Cactus

    Same question 

    How do we start/use the split view?  I do not see the documentation or anything in the menus.

  • Brandon T Ray

    How to use Split View:

    1. Open Terminal Tab
    2. Open a second Terminal Tab
    3. Drag the terminal tab into the terminal window
    4. BAM! Split view.
    Brandon T Ray
  • Cactus

    Looks impressive, thanks.

  • mathuyaar

    The latest update seems to have broken alphabetical sorting for hosts and snippets.

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  • JR S.

    Seems new update had an issue, getting blank screen on my mac. Downgrading to older version works fine, can we disable auto update?

    JR S.
  • Tim Haakenson

    Just getting blank screen on Mac as of this morning. Can you please tell me how to download a previous version?

    Tim Haakenson
  • JR S.

    I have a copy of old version, its working until I close the application. But when re-open, latest update is automatically installed.

    JR S.
  • 等一个晴天

    High CPU usage with 7.58.5

  • Ryan Matte

    The new broadcast input feature is great, brings this in line with several other apps which have had this feature for quite a while. Just waiting on the ability to save tiled window layouts and re-open sessions and tiled layouts on demand or automatically at startup. Also the ability to have port forwarding automatically start at startup before loading the other sessions which might depend on it. Having to manually re-connect port forwarding and re-open all of my sessions and manually re-configure all my tiled layouts every time I open Termius is very tedious.

    Ryan Matte
  • salmawisoky

    Just waiting on the ability to save tiled window layouts and re-open sessions and tiled layouts on demand or automatically at startup. Drift Boss

  • Peter Johansson

    Please bring back the way you can toggle in setting of auto insert of passwords in sudo. Not like now that its combined with all the other autocomplete that is complelty useless for me. All the other autocomplete is always slowing me down instead of helping me.  But just the sudo function is really good!  When it was introduced it worked separate but was later on combined.  Please bring it back!

    Peter Johansson
  • Ryan Matte

    I had to abandon this app and use a different one because the inability to save tiled window layouts and re-open layouts and sessions on demand and at startup is just too much of an inconvenience for me to be able to continue using this unfortunately. I wish you'd focus on implementing very basic missing features like this instead of dedicating so much time to things like autocomplete which still doesn't work well (only the sudo feature of that is worthwhile and there's no way to use it by itself without the rest of the autocomplete which is frankly terrible). The ability to save layouts and sessions and re-open them, the ability to have any port forwarding or proxying start automatically at startup before automatically re-opening sessions, and the ability to use the sudo part of autocomplete without the rest of it would bring me back to this app but until those features are available this is just too tedious to use on a daily basis.

    Ryan Matte
  • Zyen Malik

    Sorry to say but, I'm really facing some error with installation in my Windows.



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    Zyen Malik
  • alicia_hsu

    Sorry, But when I drag the split position incorrectly in split-screen mode, the program will go black if I try to drag it again.

    I am not sure why this is happening.

  • LiHui
    When I turned on the boot completion option, some hosts via Bastion Host warned me "Sehll boost failed to active," which bothered me because I couldn't use any of the features termius brought me in this situation, hoping to increase the boosting time appropriately
  • Apkdl

    Can you please tell me how to download a previous version. Terminal Tab. sorting for hosts and snippets.

  • Hamza Sikveli

    I have a copy of old version, its working until I close the application. But when re-open, latest update is automatically installed.

    Hamza Sikveli
  • Alisha Khan

    I do not see the documentation or anything in the menus. but the latest update seems to have broken alphabetical sorting for insta pro and snippets.

    Alisha Khan
  • Yong Monte

    not a fan of horizontal tab. how to disable horizontal tab? as i usually have multiple tabs it is easier for me to find the tab vertically.

    Yong Monte
  • Erban Ku

    Need the ability to save split screen layouts for later one-click connect and restore.

    Erban Ku
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    the horizontal tabs like holy shit!