πŸ“‘ Recent updates  πŸ“‘ Recent updates

πŸ“‘ Recent updates

Dmitry Machulo Dmitry Machulo

5.4.2 - 2021/09/06

  • Provided team owners with an option to require 2FA on their teams’ accounts
  • Slightly improved the registration process

5.4.1 - 2021/08/18

  • Introduced Multikey feature for Team users.
  • Fixed local SFTP navigation for pre 11 Android versions.

5.4.0 - 2021/08/05

  • Enabled Snippet Sharing for Teams - now team owners and editors can share their snippets with the whole team.
  • Solved the issue with running the Termius app using external intents.
  • Introduced some stability, security, and UX improvements.

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