Deep Linking on iOS Deep Linking on iOS

Deep Linking on iOS

Anton Karpov Anton Karpov

On iOS, the following URL formats can be used for opening Termius and auto-filling details of a new host entry or for connecting to a host:

  • termius://,
  • serverauditor://,
  • sa://,
  • ssh://,
  • mosh://,
  • telnet://.

Adding a host via URL

For adding a host entry with auto-enabled SSH, use termius://, serverauditor://, sa:// or ssh://. For Mosh or Telnet, use mosh:// or telnet://.

To provide username, hostname and port for a new host entry, use the following pattern: [username]@[hostname]:[port number]‌. Example:


Connecting to a host via URL

To connect to a host, you first need to add it to Termius using a URL (see above) with an ID specified, like so:


Once you did that, use the same URL to establish a connection.

When you use a URL with parameters that do not match parameters in the corresponding host entry, the latter will be updated with parameters from the URL.

Note: ID must be an integer or a sequence of characters.

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