Session Logging Session Logging

Session Logging

Dmitry Machulo Dmitry Machulo

Saving your sessions' terminal output allows for debugging and analysis at a later stage. In Termius, it's possible to achieve this via the session logging functionality.

Note: Session logging is currently available in the desktop Termius app only.

View session logs

  1. To view a log of a session, in the left-hand panel, open the history item associated with that session.
  2. Click the Open session log button.ezgif-4-8aa3ddf299.gif

How Termius stores session logs

  • Termius saves the output of every SSH and Telnet session you establish.
  • Session logs are saved in history items. Removing a history item removes the corresponding session log.
  • Sessions logs are stored only locally, i.e. not synchronized across devices.
  • Log files are encrypted with the xchacha20poly1305 algorithm.
  • For each of your hosts and for connections established without using a host entry, Termius stores not more than 5 most recent session logs.

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  • Haoyu Wang

    Glad to see that the session logging feature is on beta. But it would be better if the logging can be found in a external text file so that there won't be a limit for 5 recent files and text files is more easy to manage.

    Haoyu Wang
  • Robin McGee

    Really happy to see this feature added!  I agree it would be nice to have the log text files accessible outside if Termius.  If I want to share the session logs, I still have to copy/paste as I do now.  I also noticed if I type "clear" in my ssh session I lose all previous session data.  Clear should refresh the screen but not remove the previous session data.

    Robin McGee
  • Haoyu Wang

    I saw the text log file in the termius folder, so it would be nice to remove the 5 logs limitation, and it would be nice to let the user to set the location of the log file.

    Haoyu Wang
  • Jeff Tronrud Jr.

    An export option would be nice to have here for uploading to our external ticketing systems.

    Jeff Tronrud Jr.
  • JR S.

    It would be nice to automatically spool the log in a text file like other ssh tools

    JR S.
  • vin_Loan

    I'm using the 7.53 and I don't have this option. What am I doing wrong?

  • Iuri Silveira Santos

    i have the same problem as vin_Loan i'm using the 7.54.2, is there anything i could do ?

    Iuri Silveira Santos
  • Fábio Ortlieb

    maybe an idea would be to do something similar to what you have today in securecrt, I think it's perfect because I don't worry about copying logs manually, I access several servers during the day and at the end of the day I have everything automatically organized in text files to attach to my work control.


    Fábio Ortlieb