Session Logging Session Logging

Session Logging

Dmitry Machulo Dmitry Machulo

Saving your sessions' terminal output allows for debugging and analysis at a later stage. In Termius, it's possible to achieve this via the session logging functionality.

Note: Session logging is currently available in the desktop Termius app only.

View session logs

  1. To view a log of a session, in the left-hand panel, open the history item associated with that session.
  2. Click the Open session log button.ezgif-4-8aa3ddf299.gif

How Termius stores session logs

  • Termius saves the output of every SSH and Telnet session you establish.
  • Session logs are saved in history items. Removing a history item removes the corresponding session log.
  • Sessions logs are stored only locally, i.e. not synchronized across devices.
  • Log files are encrypted with the xchacha20poly1305 algorithm.
  • For each of your hosts and for connections established without using a host entry, Termius stores not more than 5 most recent session logs.

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  • Haoyu Wang

    Glad to see that the session logging feature is on beta. But it would be better if the logging can be found in a external text file so that there won't be a limit for 5 recent files and text files is more easy to manage.

    Haoyu Wang
  • Robin McGee

    Really happy to see this feature added!  I agree it would be nice to have the log text files accessible outside if Termius.  If I want to share the session logs, I still have to copy/paste as I do now.  I also noticed if I type "clear" in my ssh session I lose all previous session data.  Clear should refresh the screen but not remove the previous session data.

    Robin McGee
  • Haoyu Wang

    I saw the text log file in the termius folder, so it would be nice to remove the 5 logs limitation, and it would be nice to let the user to set the location of the log file.

    Haoyu Wang
  • Jeff Tronrud Jr.

    An export option would be nice to have here for uploading to our external ticketing systems.

    Jeff Tronrud Jr.
  • JR S.

    It would be nice to automatically spool the log in a text file like other ssh tools

    JR S.
  • vin_Loan

    I'm using the 7.53 and I don't have this option. What am I doing wrong?

  • Iuri Silveira Santos

    i have the same problem as vin_Loan i'm using the 7.54.2, is there anything i could do ?

    Iuri Silveira Santos
  • Fábio Ortlieb

    maybe an idea would be to do something similar to what you have today in securecrt, I think it's perfect because I don't worry about copying logs manually, I access several servers during the day and at the end of the day I have everything automatically organized in text files to attach to my work control.


    Fábio Ortlieb
  • Vijay Kamisetty

    Will be good if user can define the session logs file for each session or host and store it in user defined location will be more helpful.

    Vijay Kamisetty
  • Alexander Tibor Assenheimer

    The company I work for requires that all logs be saved in backup files. I would like to know if there is any way to save these logs in external files, as well as mRemote does, saving in .txt files.

    I'm afraid I won't be able to continue using Termius due to this limitation.

    Alexander Tibor Assenheimer