Integration with AWS Integration with AWS

Integration with AWS

Dmitry Babinsky Dmitry Babinsky

Termius for Windows, macOS, and Linux allows you to integrate your AWS cloud with Termius.

This integration involves secure import of EC2 and Lightsail servers to a group in Termius which automatically updates to reflect the changes in your AWS environment. Once you add or remove a server in AWS or change a server's details, a host entry will appear, disappear or be updated in Termius.


For each of the servers in AWS, Termius imports the following data: DNS name (imported as label), private or public IP address (imported as address) and tags.

To connect Termius to your AWS cloud, you need to:

  1. In AWS Management Console, add a user with programmatic access and read-only permissions using the documentation or short instructions below. The access key ID and secret access key you'll receive will be used by Termius to interact with AWS.
  2. Enable import of your AWS connections to a group.

Note: AWS integration is not available in the Starter (free) plan.

Add an IAM user in AWS

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and then open IAM console.
  2. In the navigation pane, choose 'Users' and then 'Add users'.
  3. Provide a name for the new user and check 'Access key - Programmatic access'.
  4. Click 'Next: Permissions'.
  5. In the 'Set permissions' section, specify the new users's permissions. To do so, click 'Attach existing policies directly' and check 'ReadOnlyAccess'.
  6. Click 'Next: Tags' and add the user's metadata.
  7. Click 'Next: Review' to see the choices you made up to this point and then 'Create user'. You'll see the access key ID and secret access key required for enabling the import in Termius.

Enable AWS import in Termius

  1. Create a new group in Termius and in the group's properties enable Cloud Sync.
  2. Select Amazon AWS as Cloud type.
  3. In the Region field, specify your AWS region (e.g. us-east-2).
  4. Provide access key ID and secret access key.
  5. Select whether you want to import EC2 or Lightsail servers.
  6. Select the type of ID addresses you want to be imported and click ➔ at the top right.

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  • Daniel

    Was hoping to get the exact IAM Read access that is needed for the integration. Can you please provide a Policy JSON for the IAM access required scoped down to only what is necessary for the AWS integration to work.

  • alexbol

    Unfortunately my company is enforcing sso and not allowing us to create these keys. Could you implement sso access for this integration? 

  • thlin888

    for the screen capture demo video, it is hard to read because I can not control (pause or starting) the video.

    Please have the demo video with a progress control bar, it will be helpful for reading.

    Many Thanks,

    TH Lin