[Getting started] Using the extended keyboard

Using the extended keyboard

The extended keyboard is only visible in the active terminal. By tapping the screen once the keyboard panel hides or reappears. On the keyboard panel, you will find different buttons. The white buttons are function keys and are editable. The gray buttons are navigation keys and are not editable.

! Tap the terminal window once to hide/show the extended keyboard

The navigation keys

The extended keyboard panel shows five navigation keys, the Back, the Gesture, the Hide keyboard, the More, and the Settings -button.

Back buttonGesture buttonHide Keyboard buttonMore buttonSettings button

The function keys

The function keys are ordered in groups of 4 keys, we have taken the liberty to set you up with a bunch of key groups. A number of key groups are directly available by dragging the function keys sideways. You can find all key groups by tapping the More button ....

! Drag the function keys sideways to browse through them

Add and rearrange function keys

The function keys are organized in groups of four; These groups are rearrangeable. This can be done by hitting the More button and then the gear shaped Settings button. A new window opens named 'Manage Groups'.

Key groups are rearranged by dragging them up or down by tapping and holding the horizontal lines on the right of each group. Tap the red circle on the left of a group to delete it. To add a customized key groups hit the '+' in the top left corner, and tap Reset to restore the initial groups.


  • Add personalized groups by hitting the + button
  • Order groups by dragging them up and down
  • Tap the red circle to delete a group
  • Restore the initial setting with Reset

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