Two-Factor Authentication

What is 2FA?

At Termius we understand that the credentials and hosts you store are extremely valuable. Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to your Termius account. On top of the usual login sequence, there is a second factor, or barrier. You have to identify yourself using a token that is sent to a predefined device, like your cell phone.

Normally you use your username and password to log-in. With 2FA you have to use your username, password, and a unique token. To generate this unique token, Termius uses Authy. Authy makes 2FA really easy and secure, it keeps all your tokens in one place and is compatible with a myriad of other applications that use Authy 2FA as well.

How to enable 2FA

2FA is disabled by default. You may enable it under the account options. Make sure you have Authy activated.

  • Fill out your phone number
  • An Auth Token will be sent to your Authy App
  • Enter the Auth Token
! Note

2FA is linked to the Termius account. Activating 2FA with Authy on one device activates 2FA on all your devices with the same user account!

How to get Authy?

Authy is available on the following platforms

Apple Windows Linux iOS Android

Read more about Authy here

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