What is Termius Premium?

Termius Premium

Termius Premium ships with extended functionality such as SFTP and Cross-Platform synchronization. Click here for the full list of features.

! SMB and Enterprise clients Curious after a tailored licensing model to meet the specific needs of your business? Please contact our sales team.

How to get a Premium subscription?

Termius Premium is available on all supported platforms and can be purchased in-app. Click here for more information.

Payment, Subscription and Cancellation

Payment is done once a year automatically through the app store of choice.

iOS users may manage their subscriptions with iTunes, directly through their device or online.

To edit your Termius Premium Subscription, login to iTunes using the Apple ID you’ve used to subscribe. Navigate to the subscription section. Here you’ll find your Termius Premium Subscription. Click here for detailed instructions.

Android users may cancel or change a Termius Premium subscription through google play.

To manage your Termius Premium Subscription, login to Google Play. Tap the menu drawer and navigate to My Apps. Under the Subscriptions tab, you’ll find Termius. Otherwise, navigate to Termius's app page. Here you'll find various options. Click here for detailed instructions.

! For assistance, please contact support. This can be done online or directly in the app. To do so, open the menu, tap Help & feedback and tap Contact Support.

FAQ Why a subscription and not a one-off purchase?

“I understand you're trying to milk every penny from your users, but please for the love of god ... make it a one-time purchase” — anonymous

Once in awhile the user asks us whether it would be possible to make a one-off deal instead of getting a subscription. Although we like money as much as the next guy, at Termius we believe that great software is honest and sustainable. This means that we are creating a service that helps you getting the job done, not only today but also tomorrow!

For a product like Termius, it is essential to always agree with the latest standards in security, and staying up-to-date feature-wise. In this pursuit, we continuously and steadily develop Termius. Take for instance our Cross-device sync, with Termius Premium you may securely connect to a remote computer using the device you have a hand, regardless of platform, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Windows, MacOS or Unix. You’ll always have all essential data at hand.

The subscription based sales model is a knife that cuts on both edges. As user you pay as you go, that means you rather pay for the usage of Termius. Meanwhile the continuous income makes sure that we will have the necessary funds for development, making sure you get to get all the cool, up-to-date features.

Honest, and sustainable.

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