Launch Termius with parameters from another Android application

External intents

Termius can work with external intents.

Creating hosts in Termius:

  • Create Intent
  • set Intent Action
  • put URI to Intent Data

Action: "android.intent.action.VIEW"

URI: ssh://root@

For example:

Intent intent = new Intent(); intent.setAction("android.intent.action.VIEW"); intent.setData(uri);

Password (optional)

Put string extra to Intent with the password.

Extra: "com.serverauditor.password"

For example:

intent.putExtra("com.serverauditor.password", "pass");

Group (optional - by default is ConnectBot):

Put string extra to Intent with a group name.

Extra: "com.serverauditor.groupname"

For example:

intent.putExtra("com.serverauditor.groupname", "group_name");

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