[Troubleshooting] I’ve generated a key with a passphrase, but the passphrase is not requested on connection

Termius supports RSA, DSA, and ECDSA keys for passwordless login. And you may protect your private key using a passphrase. This means that the private key will be encrypted using a passphrase to add an extra layer of security.

Passphrase-protected keys can be generated by the key generator which you can find under Keychain > Add > New key > Generate. When you generate a passphrase-protected key set -- the public key, encrypted private key, and passphrase -- will be stored in the Key chain. Because of this, the passphrase will not be requested on the establishment of a connection.

! In the latest Termius (2.4.9), when you'll generate a new key, you'll find a checkbox Save passphrase that is checked by default. Uncheck this checkbox if you do not wish to store the passphrase.

In case you wish that the passphrase will be prompted, just remove the passphrase after key generation. To do so:

  • Tap the particular key
  • A new screen Edit Key should pop up
  • Tap the Passphrase field and remove its value
  • And hit the tick  in the top right corner

Now the passphrase will be prompted before a connection may be established.

Remove the value of the passphrase field

! Note that you also may import passphrase-protected keys. You only need to fill out the passphrase field if you wish to store the passphrase in Keychain

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