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    Thank you for the feedback.
    Please contact us through Help & Feedback → I’ve Got a Question form so we could investigate the case more carefully.

    Also please note that there may be several reasons for such behaviour.

    First most common reason is that your host may be unreachable from the network that your iOS device is using.

    Please none that since you are using mosh you should make sure that mosh server is installed on your host. Also when you are using mosh via ‘Terminals → Search or type command’ field Termius will use default mosh ports and mosh command (-p 22 is for initial SSH connection to launch mosh, not mosh it self). You may need to change mosh command.

    To do that please create Host item at Hosts screen and make corresponding configurations there (to change mosh settings please enable ‘Use SSH’ and ‘Use Mosh’…

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    Peter Livesey commented  · 

    If I go to hosts and tap on the host, then the detail text says:


    And then it goes back to `ssh, ubuntu`

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